My Chinese title 程chéng demonstrates the beauty of Chinese language as the character itself allows me to have multiple meanings. 程 means formula, so it is like teaching methodology. But it also means journey, as I believe learning Chinese is a journey and the teacher plays the role of ship captain that steers the ship which the student is taking to the promised Chinese-land.

Integrated Learning Platform

The advent of technology has certainly made learning difficult language like Mandarin easier, so my methodology is to integrate the technological products with my teaching via e-learning, so that you have lower costs of learning. Below is the illustration:


Basically my methodology is to utilise the strength of the teacher vis-a-vis the comparative advantages of technological tools like mobile apps and web tools (flash card, knowledge portal etc).

The teacher has these advantages:

i) The authority on the correct usage of language

ii) Interaction with the student on pronunciation and grammar

iii) Motivate student and keep student interested in the subject

iv) Structured learning. Student is able to benefit from a focused approach with layer-and-layer learning to build upon foundation.

The technological tools have these advantages:

i) Helps in rote learning (good for building up vocabulary) and offline learning

ii) Provides additional conversational practice like language exchange partner

Based on my model above, it is a phase approach. My involvement will be less and less (hence lower learning costs) so that you can utilise those free tools for your practice purpose.  Also, I can recommend you the best tools so that you do not have to search for them yourselves, saving you precious time. I will be disclosing more details soon, so stay tuned!

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