Tomorrow (Feb 8th) marks the beginning of the Monkey Year 猴年 and here’s wishing all a Prosperous New Year ahead!

ps. As the sound of Cantonese character 好 (meaning good, pronounced as ho in Cantonese) rhymes with monkey 猴 (how), the fun greeting Lunar New Year phrases you can use with 猴 are all Cantonese ones. In the animated gif, they are 猴(好)幸福 – very blissful, 猴(好)运多 -many good fortune, 猴(好)开心 – very happy, 猴(好)有财 – have abundant money, 猴(好)得意 – can be pleased with oneself in whatever endeavours undertaken and 猴(好)健康 – good health.


Happy Lunar New Year 2016! 新春快乐!

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