当家三年,连狗都嫌。   CloseQuoteMark


“Even dogs dislike me during my 3 years’ of presidency.”

– President Ma Ying Jeou of Taiwan made this self-depreciating remark tongue-in-cheek during a radio interview.  He said – there are baggages in political administration and it is not possible to please everyone in administrating national affairs; but the most important aspect is the attitude towards issues.  He also debunked the notion of “incompetence” describing his performance by the public at large; as he claimed that he has achieved things that were not done in the past during his presidency.

Note : The traditional Chinese poem has 3 characteristics : the beauty of “music”音乐美 yīn yuè měi, the beauty of “architecture” 建筑美 jiàn zhú měi and the beauty of “painting”绘画美 huì huà měi . What it means is that due to the concise nature of poems, the characters chosen must be pleasant sounding through rhymes, the characters themselves exhibit a form of linear representation that is uniform and lastly, the characters portray the scenario and situations vividly like a painting.

In the example above, Ma begins with 4 characters, followed by a comma, and then another 4 characters. So Four (4) is like a beauty of “architecture”. In pinyin the words are “当家三年 dāng jiā sān nián, 连狗都嫌 lián gǒu dōu xián“.  Here observe that the 4th character nián rhymes with 5th character lián, and both of them rhyme with 8th character xián. But alas, not much beauty of painting here since it is a self-depreciating remark with dog as the protagonist!

Even Dogs Dislike Me!
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