The name of this site is ChinaBoleh, a concatenation of 2 words, China and Boleh.  Boleh (pronounced Bo-lay) is a Malay word; and Malay is one of the 4 official languages (besides English, Chinese and Tamil) in the country that I come from, Singapore.  Boleh means “can”, so the composite word really means “China Can!”.  What it encapsulates is that a) China is on the ascendancy and CAN become a major economic and political power in due course and b) you CAN seize the opportunity of its rise to have more options for your career or your children’s future!

Yes, China is transiting itself from a developing country to a developed one, and YES IT CAN manage its own destiny now, barring any grave unforeseen circumstances like a civil war or WWIII.  Boleh was also chosen as it sounded like “Bo Le” 伯乐 (pronounced as B-or L-eh), the Chinese word for someone who recognises the intrinsic values of people that are hidden gems and invest in/mentor them.   One modern example could be Warren Buffett. If Warren Buffett invest in your start-up company, then he like 伯乐 as he recognizes the value of your company that others cannot.  It is my sincere hope that I can play the role of Bo Le by making the site’s contents value-adding to your understanding of China and Mandarin as it will certainly make me feel like a Warren Buffett!

This blog includes my neutral and up-to-date observations and analysis on Contemporary China, especially in the areas of economy, politics, culture and history. Observing China from Singapore is an ideal position as it is neither too far nor too near.  Just like reading newspapers, you must place an optimal reading distance, lest you become too near (too narrowly-focused) or too far (out of focus). I will also include some posts on Mandarin,M as it will be a useful language to learn to communicate with the Chinese.

In essence, the majority of this blog is about general understanding on Mandarin and Contemporary China, though I will blog on topics like world economy, US economy etc . I will be using English as the medium to share knowledge.

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Thanks! 谢谢 Xièxie!

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