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“If we don’t pay attention to what is going on,” she told bankers, lawyers and thinkers invited by Deutsche Bank last month to mull Germany’s future, “then we will not be able to keep our standard of living.”

… “Are you sure,” she asked in the same speech, “that in 20 years’ time we will have an auto industry? Or that BASF will remain the biggest chemical concern?” Noting that Germany does not control the narrative in, say, financial markets — where influential media and ratings agencies are overwhelmingly Anglo-Saxon — she urged listeners to imagine a future very soon in which German children would all be fluent in English, and familiar with Chinese culture. (She is Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany. Source : ‘The Making of Merkel’ by Alison Smale, in the International Herald Tribune dated 30 Oct 2012.)


“…Because I’m happy, Clap along if you feel like that’s Mandarin you wanna do…” (paraphrased from  William Pharrell’s song ‘Happy’)

I am David BK Tan , a Mandarin teacher since 2008, teaching Mandarin mainly to foreigners.  Learning Mandarin is not easy, but it can be fun and interesting if you follow my HAPPY teaching methodology:

Cursive_L  – Let your hair down.  Have fun, learn to apply a bit of imagination to the Chinese characters. Take the example of Chinese character four 四 Sì.  Doesn’t it look like : a. A window showing the top part of a curtain on both sides? Incidentally, a window has four sides :)  b. A jail inmate visualising a breakout by dismantling the window grills!  A cell in a jail has only four walls.
Cursive_E_letter - Explore the different facets of China and Chinese culture as they are interesting and fascinating! Examples are food, historic places of interest and even Chinese characters themselves! Once you have the interest, you will be motivated to learn and master the language.

One way to stay interested is to read my blog ;)

So you follow LE (or 乐   meaning happy), the Mandarin learning journey will be fun and rewarding!

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David Tan 文国 aka Bolehsan on this website

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