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“…Because I’m happy, Clap along if you feel like that’s Mandarin you wanna do…” (paraphrased from  William Pharrell’s song “Happy”)

I am David BK Tan , a Mandarin teacher since 2008, teaching Mandarin mainly to foreigners.  Learning Mandarin is not easy, but it can be fun and interesting if you follow my HAPPY teaching methodology:

Cursive_L  – Let your hair down.  Have fun, learn to apply a bit of imagination to the Chinese characters. Take the example of Chinese character four 四 Sì.  Doesn’t it look like : a. A window showing the top part of a curtain on both sides? Incidentally, a window has four sides :)  b. A jail inmate visualising a breakout by dismantling the window grills!  A cell in a jail has only four walls.
Cursive_E_letter Explore the different facets of China and Chinese culture as they are interesting and fascinating! Examples are food, culture, historic places of interest and even Chinese characters themselves! Once you have the interest, you will be motivated to learn and master the language.

One way to stay interested is to read my blog ;). I have also created a FB page https://www.facebook.com/MrChinaBoleh. This FB page is like a knowledge portal, which I use to help readers understand Contemporary China and Mandarin via interesting posts, pictures and videos.

It's time of the year when Chinese parents fret about their children's performance in their school examinations. How do you get your children one-up vis-a-via their peers? Some unique Chinese methods : eat pig's brain, go to the temple and get a blessed amulet etc. Maybe can also try the law of diffusion : lie down, place the book on your forehead and hope the content diffuse through the brain? ;-)

5月22日,拥有130余年历史的上海玉佛禅寺,首次举行“开智增慧 祈福考生”公益活动,吸引众多考生家长参加。该公益祈福活动,是为即将面临高考、中考或其他考试的莘莘学子减压、祈福,愿考生能学有所成、顺利闯关

On May 22, Shanghai's Jade Buddha Temple (玉佛禅寺Yù Fú Chán Sì) which has more than 130 years of history, held a social event called "Improving Intelligence and Praying for Success for Examination Candidates" for the first time and attracted a lot of parents. Such event was meant for the students who are going to sit for their High School, Secondary or other examinations; with the purpose of reducing their stress, praying for their success and hoping the students could prove they know their stuff and pass the examinations. (2 photos)
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So you follow LE (or 乐   meaning happy), the Mandarin learning journey will be fun and rewarding!

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