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Welcome to my site!

I am David BK Tan, a Singaporean who is interested in Mandarin and China . I have been a Mandarin teacher since 2008, teaching Mandarin to foreigners.  Learning Mandarin is not easy, but it can be fun and interesting if you follow my teaching methodology:

LLet your hair down.  Have fun, learn to apply a bit of imagination to the Chinese Characters. Take the example of Chinese character four 四 Sì.  Doesn’t it look like :

a. A window showing the top part of a curtain on both sides? Incidentally, a window has four sides :)

b. A jail inmate visualising a breakout by dismantling the window grills!  A cell in a jail has only four walls!

EExplore the different facets of China and Chinese culture as they are interesting and fascinating! Once you have the interest, you will be motivated to learn and apply the language.

One way to stay interested is to read my blog ;)

So you follow LE (or 乐  meaning happy), the Mandarin learning journey will be fun and rewarding!

You can contact me via david at chinaboleh.com.

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